Reasons to Recall At-Large School Board Member Abrar Omeish

  • While FCPS was in crisis, Ms. Omeish concentrated her focus on overhauling the Thomas Jefferson High School admissions process in the name of equity. This was her sole focus this year and was carried out at the expense of all other system-wide operational needs. This TJ admissions overhaul has resulted in two lawsuits against FCPS (one state, one federal), serving as another expensive distraction for the school board and executive staff.
  • Ms. Omeish never once publicly advocated for our schools to go back to in-person learning. During the months of August to December, 2020, she abstained from nearly every meaningful return-to-school vote. This voting record shows she in unqualified to render her opinion on behalf of her constituents to make meaningful operational decisions.
  • Omeish is quite young and inexperienced. She recently turned 26 years old, lives at home with her parents and has no children of her own. She has never held a job in the private sector.
  • She has further political aspirations beyond the school board and is using her position to further her political career. This goal was made even more obvious by her active solicitation of campaign funds this year including fundraising drives associated with her birthday and Valentine‚Äôs Day