Our Kids have not been in school full time in over 1 year…


Our Kids have not been in school full time in over 1 year…

Our children have not had the opportunity like many of their peers around the country to have a normal existence in over 12 mos. Between being afraid to return to school because of fear mongering being pushed by many of the county employees, lackluster lessons online and crazy restrictions inside of schools, it is evident that this county (the School Board, Superintendent and Board of Supervisors) value the almighty dollar more than they value the well being of our youth. What can we do about it?

FIGHT! We cannot let people fill their pockets while our children’s education is being dumbed down in the form of waivers while psychiatric and psychology offices are filled with children and beds are open all over hospitals, everywhere except the psych wards. We must work together as a community to stop the tyrannical and elitist behavior that runs rampant in political and educational circles in Fairfax County. Helping with the recall will show these “officials” that our kids are not guinea pigs for all of their social experiments, meanwhile pandering to unions every whim, not once glancing back at the tsunami of damage that they have caused.

Kids are killing themselves, not logging on at all, unaccounted for, abused, failing and the privileged elected and appointed leaders in our county shove progressive agendas down the throats of children, the little time they have in school. But there is not thought to all of the people these extremists are hurting in the name of doing what sounds good or is seen to be politically correct. People from all social classes are experiencing loss because of closed schools or partially open ones. But we all know that the lower socioeconomic population suffer the most in the present and will suffer more in the future.

Please help us get one of these board members to court! To sign for Tholen you must live in Dranesville district. For Cohen, you must live in Springfield district. For Omeish, anywhere in the county. Any signer must be a registered voter in Fairfax County. The state laws make it extremely difficult to gather signatures and get valid signers, so though this has taken 3 months, we will keep pushing until we reach our goal! Please email openfcpscoalition@gmail.com in order to find out more information.

We are all working parents who are also responsible for educating our children, so will get back to you as soon as we can! We will be glad to speak with you and have your on our team. We are asking for volunteers from Springfield and Dranesville district specifically. If you are not sure which district your family is in, please enter your address here: https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-members .

When you email us, please let us know your school, your district and FB handle or Twitter if you are active there.


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