Did you know…

  • It has been over 300 days since Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) students have been inside a classroom?
  • The FCPS school board refuses to give even our neediest of learners, special needs children and kindergartners, access to the classroom?
  • Students in Fairfax County only get four days a week of teacher-led instruction?
  • Online education for K-12 is a proven failure across the country? In fact, students getting an “F” grade in FCPS were at an all-time high.
  • Over 13,000 students and counting have left the school system? A robust school system creates value in a community. If the school system fails, the community fails as well.
  • The FCPS school board has ignored recommendations of the medical establishment including: American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC Director and Fairfax County Health Department Director, Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu? Dr. Addo-Ayensu has presented on three separate occasions, relaying
    that school buildings are safe and will not contribute to the community spread of COVID-19.
  • Two of our board members (Laura Jane Cohen & Karl Frisch), who are supposed to be bi-partisan representatives of the community are spending time organizing and hosting a “Bye-Bye Betsy Devos” party?

  • School Board elections do not occur until 2023? That’s too long to let this ineptitude continue while our kids are suffering!

If you are a registered voter in Fairfax Co, please sign our school board member recall petitions for school board members, Laura Jane Cohen (Springfield District), Elaine Tholen (Dranesville District) and Abrar Omeish (member-at-large). To sign for Cohen or Tholen, you must reside in the Springfield or Dranesville districts. Any registered voter in Fairfax County can sign for Omeish.



October 26, 2020
Contact: Open FCPSCoalition
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Fairfax County Parent Group to Seek Removal of School Board Members
Laura Jane Cohen and Elaine Tholen among the first petitions for removal

Fairfax County, Virginia, October 26- A local parents group, Open FCPS Coalition (OFC), is announcing their petition to remove Fairfax County School Board members, resulting from their dereliction of duties as school board members. These duties, to serve their constituents and act in accordance with the best interests of the children: have been violated, as seen in their response to providing full time, five days/week in person education in Fairfax County which all our children deserve, parents expect, and the community supports through taxpayer dollars.

Laura Jane Cohen, Fairfax County Springfield District, and Elaine Tholen, Dranesville District, have consistently put the needs of their financial supporters/donors above the needs of the people they vowed to serve. These two school board members are the first determined to be recalled. Unbiased, statistically based metrics were utilized to identify these members.

Over the coming weeks, this group of 50 parent volunteers will be giving registered voters in these specific districts the opportunity to sign the recall petitions. Ten percent of the vote count in signatures in each district is required to begin the removal process. Though this will be a time consuming effort, as one member said: “children are priceless and are worth the fight.”

Open FCPS Coalition was formed as a response to the many educational difficulties and poor decisions made by the Fairfax County Public School System, detrimentally impacting students. The lack of care and consideration in regards to the education and safety of students since March of 2020, when schools were closed due to Covid-19, brought together this grass roots group of likeminded parents, concerned about the education and well being of their children, students in FCPS.