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School districts have long been controlled by those who could care less about the students and their education. At no time in history has it been more obvious and blatant than now. The School Board of Fairfax County Public Schools has chosen politics over our children.

The Coalition is grassroots, volunteer, parent-led group that developed out of the #openFCPS movement with a goal of addressing the abuse of power in the FCPS School Board. We are asking for financial support as we work towards the goal of removing school board members who have consistently demonstrated a lack of regard for the well-being of FCPS students. There is no place for politics in our schools! Please help us bring the fight to these corrupt officials who have chosen the union over our children. PLEASE support our efforts and donate now to help cover our legal costs and expenses related to building and promoting our grassroots movement. Every Donation Counts! We are grateful for your help.

The support you give today brings our children closer to the education that they need, IN SCHOOL! Our children are worth the effort and fight. If we do not take action at this time, the abuse will continue and all FCPS students will pay the price. We must not let this go beyond Spring of 2021.

Contributions to The FCPS Accountability Coaliton, (Open FCPS Coalition) are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Paid for by Open FCPS Coalition.